Electric Bike Battery Care

Electric Bike Battery Care

Battery Life

When charging or storing your battery try to keep it at room temperature, definitely avoid excessively cold or hot temperatures as this will shorten the battery life

Similar to any batteries, electric bike batteries will deteriorate over time.  For an electric bike you probably wont notice any difference for around three years dependant on the use and how it gets charged (see below). Try to avoid leaving the batteries with no charge and make sure you give the bike regular usage.

Be sure you do not use the wrong type of charger or overcharge the batteries as it can cause permanent damage in terms of its life cycle or in some cases making the battery useless.  To avoid overcharging the battery always disconnect from the charger when the battery reaches a full charge.

If you are not going to use your e-bike for a while then avoid leaving the battery totally discharged, but do make sure the battery gets some charge regularly, around every 4 to 6 weeks.  Aim to keep the battery at around a 50% charge.

When using every day it is much better for the battery if you top up the charge, rather than letting the battery deplete to empty and then charging it.

The beauty of modern Lithium batteries it that they do not suffer from degradation from charging too early, so you can relax when plugging it in to charge at any point of your journey, ensuring you reach your final destination.

Charge times will vary dependant on brand, battery level and battery age but take advice from the manufacturers recommendation. 

The information on this page is given as general advice.

If a battery has reached the end of its lifespan or is damaged it should be recycled/returned to the manufacturer.  Batteries can be replaced but the requirement of how often can be reduced.

Happy Riding

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