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LIVALL EVO21 Helmet with Lights and Fall Detection

LIVALL EVO21 Helmet with Lights and Fall Detection

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LIVALL - EVO21 Helmet

LIVALL EVO21 combines the aggressive aerodynamics and seductive lines of the world of time trial cycling with intelligent active safety technology. The LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet LED warning lights combined with SOS fall detection and location alert technology provide superior visibility & confidence for today’s cyclists. The aero design of the helmet optimizes air resistance and reduces perspiration through a system of inner channels.

Gold iF Design Award Winners

Winner of the Gold iF Design Award 2021, LIVALL EVO 21 combines the aggressive aerodynamics and seductive lines of the world of time trial cycling with intelligent active safety technology that escapes the peloton and goes where others simply cannot.

EVO 21 harmonizes a spectacular design with the unique features of a LIVALL smart helmet. Where the traditional helmet is a merely reactive protection element, LIVALL EVO 21 is a proactive device that anticipates the accident in order to save lives.

Always Visible with Smart Lighting

EVO21 incorporates a Smart LED lighting system, which exponentially increases the visibility of the user in traffic. it combines the front white light LED strip with the rear LED light system which allows for 360° of maximum visibility. Other brands claim to give you 360° visibility, but they often fall short. The EVO21 offers true 360° coverage. Plus, three dynamic light effects will make sure you get noticed on any street, improving your visibility and helping you ride in style.

The helmet features an accelerometer that detects vehicle deceleration, which activates the brake lights for 8 seconds, thus alerting nearby vehicles and pedestrians. The handlebar-mounted control system allows you to use the turn signal lights at the back of the helmet, notifying traffic you are about to make a turn.

Crash-Test Certified Impact Protection

The LIVALL EVO21 proven impact management system comes with dual protection systems designed to keep you safe.

The first layer is crafted from PC material that spreads the force of a crash throughout the shell, minimizing force and cushioning your head. The second layer of Polysource PSI is a special impact-resistant liner that absorbs the remaining pressure and keeps it away from your head. The final layer is lovingly crafted out of memory foam, ensuring a snug fit no matter how long your ride.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert

In the event of an accident, LIVALL EVO21 uses a patented fall detection SOS system that will automatically activate after a 90-second countdown, sending your exact location via GPS to up to three of your emergency contacts.

It can also be activated manually with the click of a button on the handlebar remote control.

Ultra Lightweight

With 30% more ventilation and 350g lightweight design, you’ll stay ahead of the pack while cutting down on sweat.

IPX5 Waterproof

LIVALL EVO21 is IPX5 waterproof, so the LED lighting system and remote will run smoothly in any weather. Passing our rigorous low-pressure spraying testing LIVALL EVO21 can not only deal with moderate rain with ease, but also survive heavy rain.

10 Hour Battery Life

LIVALL EVO21 allows up to 10 hours of battery life which is easily rechargeable with the included magnetic USB charge cable. No more fiddling about, the magnets automatically lock the connection in the correct place.


- 270 degree Super Bright Rear Light
- Colour-changing Front Light
- Automatic Brake Warning Light
- Turn Signals with Remote
- 10-Hour Battery Life
- Patented SOS System
- 350g Ultralight
- Maximum Ventilation
- IPX5 Waterproof
- iF GOLD AWARD Winner
- Does Not Include Speakers or Microphone
- PLEASE NOTE the gold number 7 sticker is no longer featured on the helmets


Weight: 0.6 kg
Colour: Dark Night, Mint, Snow, Ultraviolet
Size: Large (58-62 cm), Medium (54-58 cm)
Speakers: No
Microphone: No

Safety Warning

Crash-tested certified as standard: EN1078 / CPS3 1203 / AS/NZS 2063

SAFETY WARNINGS: LIVALL HELMETS have features that may be able to assist in certain emergency situations but please be aware that LIVALL HELMETS cannot detect all falls, crashes or other medical issues that you may experience.  LIVALL HELMETS should not be used as a substitute for any recognised, approved, or accredited medical or personal monitoring devices, which may be able to assist in similar situations. Using LIVALL HELMETS in some circumstances can distract you and may cause a dangerous situation (for example, taking a call while in motion).  Observe rules that prohibit or restrict the use of mobile devices or any of the features provided by LIVALL HELMETS and enhance your safety and wellbeing. LIVALL HELMETS are not intended for use where the failure of the product and its functionalities and any third-party devices, software, or other products could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage. Please be aware that issues in transmitting calls to your emergency contacts may not derive from any failure in LIVALL HELMET and its features but instead the devices with which it interacts, any third-party service providers (including telephone network or data providers), or other issues such as reduced battery life, lack of mobile or GPS signal. These issues may derive from your own devices or those of your emergency contacts. The product and associated software comprising LIVALL HELMETS are for use in addition to, or as a supplement to, your existing and/or required procedures for fall protection/prevention or monitoring.  As we make no guarantees that LIVALL HELMETS and its features will operate without interruption, delays, bugs, or errors and accordingly you must not rely on it or replace any other safety or monitoring procedures/precautions you would normally use if you didn’t have LIVALL HELMET.

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Very bad company would never shop with them again

We are very sorry you feel this. The money was refunded promptly when you decided you didn't like the helmet.